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Yilong HAN    韓一龍

Professor, Department of Physics

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Office:  Room 4447, 

Tel: (852) 2358-7492

Lab:       Room 4141,  Tel: (852) 2358-7524

Fax:      (852) 2358 1652

E-Mail:  yilong(at)


Professor (2017- present)

Associate Professor (2013 - 2017)

Assistant Professor (2007 - 2013) Department of Physics, HKUST, Hong Kong, China

Postdoc 2004 - 2007  University of Pennsylvania, USA

Ph.D. 1998 - 2003 University of Chicago, USA

B.S. 1994 - 1998 Peking University (Beijing University), China

Research Interests


1. Experimental soft condensed matter physics

We investigate the microscopic structures, interactions, dynamics, pattern formation and phase behaviors of colloids such as micro-ellipsoids and diameter-tunable microgel spheres. Colloids are good model systems of atoms because trajectories of individual particles are measurable by video microscopy and image processing. Currently we are focusing on the melting, freezing, solid-solid transitions, glass transitions and geometrical frustrations of colloids in two dimensions, three dimensions and thin films.


2. Statistical physics

We apply the complex-network analysis to phase-space studies and discovered that the phase spaces of frustration spin models, lattice gases and spin glasses share some common features. They established a new class of network with unique topology. A math by-product is a one-to-one mapping between 2D jigsaw-puzzle tiling and 3D stack of spheres. We are also interested in configurational temperatures and Brownian motions.


Selected Publications:
Huijun Zhang and Yilong Han, Compression-induced polycrystal-glass transition in binary crystals , Phys. Rev. X, 8, 041023 (2018)

Yi Peng, Wei Li, Feng Wang, Tim Still, Arjun G. Yodh and Yilong Han*, Diffusive and martensitic nucleation kinetics in solid-solid transitions of colloidal crystals, Nature Communications, 8, 14978 (2017)

Modes of surface premelting in attractive colloidal crystals, Bo Li, Feng Wang, Di Zhou, Yi Peng, Ran Ni, and Yilong Han*, Nature, 531, 485 (2016).

Two-step nucleation mechanisms in solid-solid phase transitions, Yi Peng, Feng Wang, Ziren Wang, Ahemd Alsayed, Zexin Zhang, Arjun Yodh and Yilong Han*, Nature Materials, 14, 101–108 (2015) (cover article)

Imaging the homogenous nucleation during the melting of superheated colloidal crystals, Ziren Wang, Feng Wang, Yi Peng, Zhongyu Zheng, and Yilong Han*, Science 338, 87 (2012) pdf

Glass transitions in quasi-two-dimensional suspensions of colloidal ellipsoids, Zhongyu Zheng, Feng Wang and Yilong Han*, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 065702 (2011) (highlighted by Editor's Suggestion   and Physics Viewpoint )

Phase-Space Networks of the Six-Vertex Model under Different Boundary Conditions, Yilong Han*, Phys. Rev. E 81, 041118 (2010) (selected by PRE Kaleidoscope)

Phase-Space Networks of Geometrically Frustrated Systems Yilong Han*, Phys. Rev. E 80, 051102 (2009)

Geometric frustration in buckled colloidal monolayers Yilong Han*, Yair Shokef*, Ahmed Alsayed, Peter Yunker, Tom C. Lubensky, and Arjun Yodh, Nature, 456, 898-903 (2008). Supplementary Information and movies
Brownian Motion of an Ellipsoid Yilong Han, Ahmed Alsayed, Maurizio Nobili, Jian Zhang, Tom C. Lubensky
*, and Arjun G. Yodh, Science 314, 626-630 (2006). Supporting Online Materials .

Configurational Temperature of Charge-Stabilized Colloidal Monolayer Yilong Han and Davide G. Grier*, Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 148301 (2004)


(* denotes corresponding author)


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