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**** Rules & Regulations  ****

    In order to ensure the proper and effective use of the XRD system in the Teaching Lab., minimize any unwilling damage and subsequent ageing of the X-Ray tube, ALL USERS must abide by the Rules & Regulations set out here. 

    Please spare a few minutes to look through them before your Booking.

(I). User Requirements:


User, who would like to use the system individually, is requested to attend the related Safety Training Course provided by SEPO (Course Code: SEPO/TRG/MC/02) or take the course by self-studying the related materials from the website: www.ab.ust.hk/sepo/training.htm and then you may submit the Request Form for Assessment Testing.            


Passing through the Assessment Test is the first step to be a Registered User, and they need further technical training which will be arranged by the Teaching Lab. Having passed through both the trainings should the user be available as a Qualified User, and hence he/she could operate the system independently


User, who would like to use the system for their research job but who may not attend the training course, should submit the JOB Request Form before sending the job


Before using the facility don’t forget to Sign-in the XRD Booking Schedule on-site with your password and record the details in the LOG-Sheet after finishing the job


All users must comply with the Rules & Regulations and follow the directions at all times. Failure to meet all these Rules will result in the USER having his/her privilege revoked for an indefinite time duration

(II). Booking Requirements:


Only Qualified User may sign up for no more than 2 sessions each time in XRD Booking Schedule


Any user, which is more than 30 minutes late for his/her scheduled session, forfeits that time allotted and the system will be available to the other user


The time slots for the Booking are arranged as follow:

          Time Sessions:            S1: 9:30am - 12:30pm

                                               S2: 14:00pm – 17:00pm

                                               S3: 18:00pm – 21:00pm * * *

***   For special Arrangement Only  ***

(III). Safety Operation Requirements:


You MUST put on your radiation dosage badge whenever you operate the System


For System Safety, you should thoroughly read and follow the steps stated in the Safety Operation Procedure of XRD System 


Pay full Attention to the Re-circulation Temperature reading on the Heat Exchanger panel. Should the reading exceed 22oC or if any outstanding case occurred, please STOP to OPERATE and follow the procedure to TURN OFF the System. Remark about the outstanding in the LOG-Sheet

(IV). Safety on Chemicals

Any sample brought into the Lab. should be mentioned by its contents in the LOG-Sheet or it should be brought with the MSDS information to the attention of the Teaching Lab. staff before your measurement. The Staff In-Charge will review the sample and decide whether the measurement will be allowed in the System and what safety precautions should be made.

(V). Exceptions:


The time slot will be released at a reasonable period to the user who has used up the time session beyond his/her maximum time limits, provided the System is available but with no guarantee of use. Users, in this case, should remark the time they "really need" with an asterisk (*) in the Remarks column of XRD Booking Schedule


ALL USERS are suggested to check the Notice Board on the Web before use, as it will be announced from time to time in case necessary


The Staff In-Charge has the discretion on making the final decision in relation to all scheduling and may alter these rules to fit the needs of the users and the facility


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