Paul and May Chu Undergraduate Research Award

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The Paul and May Chu Undergraduate Research Awards are given annually to reward physics undergraduate students with excellence in research. The regulations for selecting the awardees are described below.

The total amount of the award, to be awarded to one or more students, will be $51,000, provided that the maximum limit of scholarship allowance of a student, which is his/her tuition fee plus $50,000, is not exceeded. If the award leads to the maximum allowance of a student being exceeded, a partial amount of the award will be given. If the maximum allowance of a student has already been reached, the student is still qualified to receive the honor of the award.

All Physics major undergraduate students who have attained a cumulative GPA of 2.85 (university requirement) or above are eligible to apply for the award.

The selection of the awardees will be based on their research potential and performance. In the first round, each candidate will be asked to submit an application form and a short report summarizing his/her research, as well as arrange at least one recommendation letter from their research supervisors. In the second round, a shortlist of candidates will be selected by the Task Group to make a presentation.

The short report and the presentation of a candidate can be based on his/her research project (such as those in PHYS 2090, 3090, 4090, 4498 courses, or UROP), or his/her own The Department Scholarship Task Group will assess them with respect to the following aspects:
(1) Can the candidate demonstrate a high research potential?
(2) Can the candidate demonstrate a deep understanding of physics?
(3) Can the candidate demonstrate independence and innovation in research?

(a) Eligible students who would like to apply should fill out the application form (download the application form).
(b) Please email the completed application form, a short report on the student's research, recommendation letters, and any other supporting documents to email account on or before 15 September every year. (We accept applications only through email.)
(c) A short list of the candidates will be selected for presentations.
(d) Presentations will be scheduled in later September.
(e) Results of the selection will be announced in early October.
15 September every year.

The research awards can be awarded concurrently with other scholarships.

Inquiries can be made to the Physics Department Scholarship Task Group (Email:

Application Form (doc)

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